Making sustainability manageable is what we do here at EEM. Stakeholders and communities are an important part of that equation. Our strong operational background and community experience enable us to manage the interaction between organizations and their stakeholders, to drive collaboration, and to build shared ownership of positive outcomes.

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  • Social

    Identifying stakeholder concerns and expectations, understanding the socio-economic context, assessing social impact, analyzing stakeholder influence, and assessing community opportunities and risks.

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  • Stakeholder & aboriginal engagement

    Developing engagement strategies and delivering appropriate engagement activities while incorporating stakeholder input into project and operational decision-making, as well as managing stakeholder information in integration with existing management systems.

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  • Participatory Planning and Development

    Empowering and involving stakeholders in the development planning process to leverage their perspectives, competencies, and resources and to ensure development options are appropriate and sustainable.

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  • Multi-Stakeholder Partnering

    Building partnerships between business, government, and civil society to leverage complementary skills and experience and the pooling of strengths in order to increase effectiveness, extend reach, and enhance sustainability.

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