Biodiversity Strategy


Biodiversity is at the base of ecosystems that provide all life with clean air and water, a regulated climate and other critical ecosystem services. Your business is equally dependent on ecosystems; e.g. all industrial production, commerce and trade ultimately rely on the raw materials and ecosystem services made possible by biodiversity.

The financial importance of these ecosystem services is hard to overstate; a cost estimated conservatively at $33 trillion per year! Sadly, the biodiversity that supports all ecosystem services is increasingly at risk. As a business, being so dependent on biodiversity and ecosystem services means that any interruption in these services or decline in their quality constitutes an acute business risk.

As part of our expertise in sustainability strategies, EEM offers a full spectrum biodiversity assessment and ecosystem service analysis that will help ensure your company’s continued and fair access to land, supplies, markets, and capital.


Biodiversity Assessments

  • Biodiversity policy and strategic action plans, including analysis of risks and opportunities related to biodiversity;
  • Biodiversity conservation performance analyses;
  • Conservation and protected area planning;
  • Species at risk assessments;
  • Conservation footprint analysis.

Conservation Footprint Analysis

  • Analysis of a company or a project’s dependency on raw materials, services and technologies from natural systems;
  • Analysis of resiliency to changes in ecosystem goods and services;
  • Recommendation on leveraging ecosystem services to enhance project sustainability and reduce costs.

Biodiversity Norms and Standards

  • Strategic advice on conventions, regulations, legislation, and certification pertaining to biodiversity conservation and protected areas.

Case Studies

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