EHS and Quality Management Systems


EEM can help your organization design, implement and audit management systems for Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and Quality that aim to reduce business risks, help identify opportunities and align EHS management with your core business.

Our team of accredited auditors - in environmental, health & safety and quality management systems, environmental compliance as well as FSC chain of custody - have been implementing, maintaining and auditing EHS and quality management systems in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for over 20 years.

We advocate a systematic approach to EHS and Quality Management, with a strong IT foundation and the most commonly used international standards; i.e. ISO 14001 for environment, OSHAS 18001 for health & safety and ISO 9001 for quality (we have also successfully integrated many other international and corporate standards for continual improvement, finance and governance).



  • Conduct gap analyses against external or corporate standards;
  • Benchmark against best practices.


  • Design and development EHS and quality management systems using simple, appropriate tools that facilitate dashboard management and satisfy multiple requirements from different stakeholders;
  • Build business cases to ensure upper management endorsement and support.


  • Promote integration of EHS and quality systems with other company systems;
  • Customize the integration process based on the type of organization, its management requirements and culture;
  • Incorporate requirements for the community, lean manufacturing, sustainable development and finance.


  • Provide hands-on assistance throughout management system implementation, acting as coach and mentor, project manager or through turnkey solutions;
  • Ensure timely implementation, minimizing use of internal resources without undermining the basic principle of client ownership of the system.


  • Assess training needs, and design and deliver training to build capacity in our client organizations, according to the goals and requirements of the project;
  • Work to raise awareness at the executive level, to train middle management on system design and function, or at the shop floor to enhance understanding of operational controls.


  • Develop company manuals and related document based on the organization's management requirements, using robust IT document management and graphical presentation tools.

Certification Preparation

  • Provide hands-on assistance and advice on how to meet the expectations of external auditors. We have worked to the requirements of accredited registrars such as BSI, SAI-QMI, UL, DNV, Lloyds, Intertek, BNQ and SGS, as well as corporate audit programs in several industries.


  • Provide guidance and assistance in maintaining systems for organizations that either cannot provide the resource internally, or who require our expertise. This assistance can entail:
    • Continual improvement seminars / action plans,
    • Streamlining / upgrading management system tools,
    • Data management (risk assessment, legal requirements),
    • Prepare the business case for additional resources.


  • Leverage guidance from a leading textbook in the field of auditing, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Auditing (Shematek, MacLean and Lineen), which EEM has co-authored and maintained since 2001.
  • Plan, manage and lead audit programs with certified auditors.
  • Train internal auditors.

Improve audit efficiency today

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Case Studies

  • Environmental Management System Implementation in Primary Aluminium Production Facility

    EEM directed the implementation of ISO 14001 management systems at five aluminium smelters across North America.

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  • Integrated Management System Implementation and Maintenance in the Aerospace Sector

    EEM has been retained for 11 successive years to support an EHS management system at the Canadian and U.S. plants of a turbine engine manufacturer.

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  • Development of an Integrated EHSQ Management System

    EEM worked with a mining sector client in 2005-06 to develop an integrated management system at a greenfields Aluminum smelter scheduled for start-up in 2007.

    More Info
  • EHS Management System Development in Manufacturing Firms

    EEM's accompanied two U.S.-based clients in implementing environmental management systems, building their capacity to maintain the systems after implementation.

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  • ISO 14001 Management System Audits of Automotive Parts Manufacturers

    A prominent international registrar retained EEM to perform ISO 14001 registration and surveillance audits at the Mexican plants of an American auto parts maker.

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  • Safety Risk Assessment in Highway Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance

    EEM was selected to guide the early development of a safety programme for a federal agency mandated with care and maintenance of highway infrastructures.

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  • Environment, Health and Safety Risks Analysis for Turbine Manufacturer

    ÉEM was asked by a major turbine manufacturer to assess environment, health and safety (EHS) risks of equipments and procedures in various facilities. Identification cards on risks and appropriate procedures were later created for the employees.

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  • Safety Management Process Improvement in Engineering

    Working for the Canadian operations of a global mining firm, EEM conducted a safety management audit of engineering project execution and facilitated actions targeting improvement in safety performance.

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  • Planning of an Integrated HSEC Management System at a Gold Mining Company

    EEM was selected over two multinational consulting firms to plan an integrated Health & Safety, Environment and Community management system for a gold mining company with operations in North America and Europe.

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  • Management System Implementation Planning for a New Gold Mining Operation

    With new corporate requirements for a Sustainability Excellence Management System, and commitments to abide by numerous external obligations, such as the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining initiatives and the International Cyanide Management Code, Goldcorp-Éléonore's new mining operations in northern Quebec needed a plan to meet expectations. EEM was retained to develop a site-specific management system to ensure the new facilities would operate in ways that minimize their environmental and social impacts.

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  • Context Review for Reporting to the Board of Directors

    As part of the company’s continuous improvement process, EEM was asked to review and suggest improvements to the internal environmental reports sent to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

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  • Environmental Management System Internal Audits

    From 2011 to 2015, EEM was selected to perform, on an annual basis, ISO 14001 environmental management system internal audits for an electronic product recycler. The internal audit of Electronics Product Stewardship Canada’s Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS) was also added in 2015.

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  • Replacement of Disposable Shop Towels by Reusable Shop Towels in a Manufacturing Facility

    EEM coordinated a pilot project to replace disposable shop towels by reusable shop towels in an aircraft engine manufacturing and overhaul facility. The project contributes to the company’s goal of eliminating all waste by 2028.

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  • ISO 14001:2015 Gap Analysis at a Diamond Exploration Company

    The release of the new international standard ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management systems led a diamond exploration company to hire EEM to conduct a gap analysis of their environmental management system to the new standard – a technique used to determine the steps to be taken to move from a current state to a desired future state - to identify the actions to be taken to close the gaps.

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  • Mining Association of Canada (MAC) Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) External Verification

    EEM was selected as the Verification Service Provider (VSP) for the external verification of the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program requirements of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) at six mining sites.

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  • EMS Auditing for an operator of an electricity transmission system in North America

    Over a five-year period, EEM conducted the internal audits of the ISO 14001 environmental management system for the operator of an electricity transmission system in North America.

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