Environmental Assessment


When developing a project, assessing its environmental and social impacts are critical steps in the project development process. EEM’s team of professionals helps identify and manage the environmental and social aspects of your project, thereby increasing social acceptability and securing permits.


Impact Assessment and Review

EEM understands and works with national, provincial, state and municipal governments to secure project approvals in the most effective fashion. We act either on behalf of proponents in managing the impact assessment process and associated studies or on behalf of stakeholders as independent reviewers. We produce focused assessments aimed at preventing or mitigating impacts and our team includes project-appropriate experts (engineers, terrestrial and aquatic biologists, medical professionals, etc.), as well as specialists in socioeconomic impact, cultural heritage, stakeholder & aboriginal engagement, and communications.

Environmental Site Assessments

Our environmental site assessments (ESA) are conducted in advance of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building projects or as part of property transfer transactions between organizations, and in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard Z768-01 – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

Case Studies

  • Cree Communities - Environmental Assessments

    EEM has prepared several environmental assessments for projects in the Cree communities of Northern Quebec.

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  • Expert Review of Environmental Impact Statement - Uranium Mining

    EEM is leading a team of experts in the review of the environmental impact statement for a large uranium mining project in Nunavut.

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  • Environmental Review of Port Infrastructure and Practices

    Retained by the World Bank, EEM visited a number of ports in Cameroon, as well as some outlying ports, to review and report on channel dredging and spoil management programmes.

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  • Scientific Coordination of a Remote Sensing, Soil and Water Management Project

    EEM acted as scientific and administrative coordinator of a three-year CIDA-funded research project in northeast Thailand applying remote sensing technologies to investigate soil and water management problems facing the region.

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  • Environmental Due Diligence Auditing

    EEM is accompanying clients with growing operations in Canada and the U.S. in their EHS due diligence process to ensure that all related liabilities are identified.

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  • Environmental Screening of a Proposed Trans-Atlantic Telecommunications Cable Landing

    EEM was retained by a long-term partner in the marine cable construction business to do a preliminary environmental screening of a proposed cable landing on the island of Bermuda.

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