GHG Management


Increasingly scrutinized by financial markets, customers and government regulators, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have become a key benchmark for environmental performance. They also represent an important cost to businesses as new laws and regulations come into effect.

Quantifying GHG emissions is the first step in developing a long term plan to reduce emissions. The following services are designed to help your organization measure its GHG emissions, and develop long-term objectives and feasible action plans to reduce them. That’s good for you - and good for the environment!


Company Inventories

At the federal level, and in some provinces, large GHG emitters are required by law to report their GHG emissions. Voluntary programs, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, and funds, such as the Ethical Funds are bringing increasing pressure to quantify and disclose GHG emissions. EEM has the expertise to help your organization design and implement its own program to measure and disclose GHG emissions.

GHG Reduction Projects

Did you know you needed certification to sell GHG emissions on the carbon market or reduce them to meet government regulations? EEM will assist your business design and validate your plan, as well as verify and register your GHG emission reductions.

Carbon Footprinting

Increasingly, your customers and end consumers want to know the amount of GHG produced by the products and services they buy. We can help calculate the carbon footprint of your products in order to apply a carbon label or generate a carbon calculator that will allow customers to optimize orders based on an estimate of the carbon footprint of their various options.

Case Studies

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management for a Multi-National Printing Company

    Since 2006, EEM has worked with a multi-national printing company to compile GHG emissions, report to the Carbon Disclosure Project and strengthen the collection and compilation of emissions data.

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  • Registering Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Projects

    EEM helped a municipal property management organization to register an energy efficiency project as a GHG emissions reduction project in order to sell voluntary carbon credits.

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  • Development of a Corporate Procedure Based on a Risks and Opportunities Assessment to Reduce Energy Consumption of Manufacturing Plants

    EEM was retained to develop a corporate procedure aiming to reduce the operating costs of a turbine engine manufacturer by consuming less energy and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. This procedure was aligned with the deployment of an innovative corporate program tailored to the Canadian context.

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  • Quantifying the Financial Impact of Emerging Carbon Pricing

    EEM surveyed the current and emerging carbon pricing regulations applicable to the company’s operations in a dozen jurisdictions, across Canada and in the US, and estimated the direct financial impact for the coming year.

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