Community plan for housing and homelessness


EEM was retained to provide its participatory planning and community development expertise to facilitate the collaborative development of a Labrador West community plan for housing and homelessness.

Approach and Solution

Rapid economic development and associated population growth has been putting pressure on housing in this northern mining town to the extent that there are concerns of an imminent housing shortfall and increasing homelessness. EEM worked with partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors to develop a Community Plan for Housing and Homelessness that would lead to the improvement of affordable, adequate, sustainable housing options and provide an actionable and measurable plan for the creation of longer-term housing, support and prevention services.

To inform the development of the plan, EEM facilitated open discussion sessions, key informant interviews and stakeholder workshops while completing an affordable housing community survey. Following asset and stakeholder mapping and analysis, a robust plan was generated with specific objectives and associated actions under four key priority areas.


The project increased community awareness of housing and homelessness challenges, produced an actionable plan with measurable solutions, and strengthened the partnership, which will ensure that the plan’s objectives are implemented and sustained in the long-term.

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