Environmental Study of Phase I Type for Lands Transfer from the Crown to Lands of Category 1


EEM has conducted three environmental studies of Phase I type for lands transfer from the Crown to lands of Category 1 as defined by the Convention de la Baie-James et du Nord québécois.

Approach and Solution

Since 2006, EEM’s services were taken on by the government of the Cree Nations and/or the Cree communities of Mistissini, Oujé-Bougoumou and Waswanipi to make environmental studies of Phase I type in order to identify actual and potential contamination sources. The study also identified the environmental background related to lands, which will be transferred from the Crown to First Nations. In total, studies conducted by EEM covered about 240km2. The approach used was based on prescribed methodology by the Z768-F01 – Évaluation environnementale de site, Phase I norm published by CSA with adjustments made for the issues related to very big areas study.


Studies allowed clients to identify risks associated with relevant territories and to finalize negotiations for the potential land transfers.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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