Impact assessments

Environmental impact assessments

Made-to-measure approach

For more than 20 years, EEM has conducted environmental impact assessments (EIA), ranging from screening-level reviews to full-blown assessments with public review.

Our flexible approach for building teams to conduct impact assessments brings the best minds to bear on each project on an as-needed basis, under the supervision of in-house senior EIA practitioners. This ensures optimal use of specialist expertise with minimal overhead. Selected experts apply their specialist skills to the task at hand; EEM pulls it all together. 

Our understanding of environmental and social performance standards such as those of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the level of study rigor required by regulatory agencies and financial institutions provide for an efficient path to gaining approvals.

Our offer

EEM offers the following environmental impact assessment services:

  • Physical and biological baseline studies that typically have included air quality, noise, underwater noise, vibrations, water quality (freshwater and marine), sediment quality (freshwater and marine), vegetation, marine ecology, freshwater ecology, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and ecosystem services.
  • Environmental impact analysis including analysis of project direct, indirect and cumulative environmental impacts and identification of approaches for impact avoidance, mitigation and compensation or offset.
  • Environmental management planning, by building EIA results directly into operational environmental management plans.

Our approach

EEM’s made-to-measure approach to environmental impact assessment:

  • Is based on leading standards such as the IFC performance standards.
  • Makes optimal use of available satellite imagery or, where possible, leverages drone technology to comprehensively map and analyze large surface areas quickly.
  • Identifies and assesses impacts upon community resource use and livelihoods and cumulative impacts.
  • Facilitates seamless transition from development to operational phases of projects by developing and building coherent management plans to meet client, regulatory, financial and other stakeholder needs (e.g. air and water management, biodiversity).

EEM’s environmental impact assessment expertise is complemented by our full suite of social impact assessment services.

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