Management plans

Stakeholder engagement plans

Understanding and managing social and environmental impacts

To ensure the sound management of a project’s social and environmental impacts, we support our clients by developing engagement plans for their key stakeholders. Adapted to the risks and impacts of a given project, these plans reflect the various characteristics and interests of affected communities.

Our practice provides:

  • Analysis of existing engagement plans and communication tools in order to build on existing processes and practices.
  • Prioritization of stakeholders and critical issues through detailed stakeholder mapping.
  • Engagement strategies for stakeholders tailored to the specifics of your organization and project, covering: Communication platforms and tools for consultation and collaboration, a complaints mechanism, roles and responsibilities for implementation, implementation budget, and IT systems to support the process.
  • Phased implementation to ensure the engagement strategy is properly launched and maintained.

Typical client priorities:

  • Integration of requirements from various organizational management plans – strategic, operational, environmental and social.
  • Establishment of clear priorities to develop a targeted plan based on the needs of the organization and their stakeholders.
  • Involvement of stakeholders in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of different management plans.
  • Effective participation of disadvantaged or vulnerable persons or groups.
  • Rigorous documentation of communication and consultation initiatives.
  • Analysis of interactions with stakeholders to determine the key components of stakeholder satisfaction and to support decision-making.
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