CSR and sustainable development

Sustainability deployment and reporting

Putting your sustainability ambitions into action

EEM has the expertise and experience to introduce systems and programs that operationalize sustainability across organizations.  This includes the monitoring and reporting that help you stay on track.

Our practice provides

  • Sustainability decision-making tools.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Policy development.
  • Management system deployment.
  • Program development.
  • KPI development, monitoring and reporting.
  • Awareness and capacity building.
  • Corporate communications for investors, business partners, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Typical client priorities

  • Integrating ESG factors into decision-making around project investments, facilities and infrastructure, product development and service offerings.
  • Stakeholder engagement to confirm material issues.
  • Multi-level program development to meet sustainability goals (policy, management systems, capacity-building).
  • Development of metrics.
  • Internal communications on drivers, trends and performance, and acceleration of cultural change
  • External communications using different reporting standards (e.g. GRI, integrated reporting, public engagement).
  • Coaching for investor-corporation dialogue.
  • Supply-chain engagement programs.
  • Assurance programs (desktop and site auditing).
Case studies