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Juan Buzzetti

GIS Analyst, EEM Environmental & Social Impact Ltd - MSc – Geography
Juan Buzzetti

Juan holds a master of science in geography, planning and environment. At ÉEM, Juan focuses on producing and analyzing maps for environmental and socioeconomic studies. He recently took charge of geographic information system (GIS) work for an environmental and social impact study and a water management plan in West Africa.

Before joining ÉEM, Juan worked as a teaching assistant for GIS and methods of analysis for urban studies. Working as a research assistant, he produced and published maps for several projects.  He also held the role of administrative and technical support for the department of geography at the University of Concordia.


  • Production of published maps;
  • High resolution image processing;
  • Hydrological, topographical and topological analysis;
  • Georefencing and digitizing;
  • Spatial data analysis.


English, French, Spanish and limited proficiency in Italian