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Paul Willcott

Senior EEM Associate, Resettlement Manager

Paul Willcott has more than 15 years of international experience in assessing and managing the social and environmental impacts of major construction projects, including projects in the petroleum, mining and hydroelectric power industries. These mandates have included:

• Planning and implementation of development projects to enhance their sustainability.

• Organization of public consultations.

• Planning, implementation and assessment of resettlement and compensation for populations affected by mining projects.

  • Planning of mitigation measures to address project impacts on the environment and the host population.

• Development of action plan to enable project-affected populations to make the most of opportunities linked to infrastructure development.

• Assistance to private and public organizations to ensure that projects meet the highest standards with respect to environmental and social management, and hence the performance standards of the international bodies, such as the World Bank.

His career of some 30 years includes international project development and humanitarian projects. He has a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from UQAM (University of Quebec at Montréal).