EEM in brief Independent management consultancy

EEM is a consultancy helping clients to assess, manage and improve their environmental performance and social impacts.

From our home base in Canada we have grown to take on projects across North America and internationally for private and publicly owned businesses, governments, public-sector organizations, non-profits, and indigenous peoples. 

For industrial clients our work generally underlies the all-important social license to operate – critical in a world where so many stakeholder groups have a say and broad community support is a must.

In business since 1993 and owned by our management

EEM’s consulting team is based in Montréal. We believe a centralized office promotes interdisciplinary idea sharing and teamwork.
  • Core team of bilingual consultants (English and French); several have a third language.
  • Network of specialized associates extends the capabilities of our core team.

The scope to address complex issues and manage major projects

Our team has the skills and knowledge to take on a broad range of mandates across five main service areas:
  • Impact assessments – Environmental and social.
  • Management plans – Environmental monitoring and community development.
  • EHSC management systems – Environment, health and safety, community.
  • Audits and due diligence – Assurance of non-financial disclosures, compliance and management system audits, environmental and social due diligence.
  • CSR and sustainable development – Governance, strategy and deployment.
Working across the economy and society makes for a well-rounded advisory perspective, complementing EEM’s technical expertise.  We know how to bridge the gaps between planning and deployment. We are natural consensus builders.  And we have long experience giving voice to community and indigenous groups.
The result is workable solutions for all concerned – at project sites, across business operations, and in local communities.

Our mission and mindset

EEM is committed to helping clients turn the management of environmental performance and social impacts into a source of long-term value. We do so by providing you with the skills and tools necessary to think and operate sustainably at all levels of your organization.
  • We adapt our frameworks to your situation.
  • We work to build capacity in your organization.
  • We emphasize stakeholder engagement.
Our rigorous project management methodology underlies our ability to respect client budgets and meet deadlines. We back all this with well-structured administrative processes: EEM puts a premium on efficiency.

Typical projects that reflect our expertise and achievements 

We are thought leaders with a proven ability to:
  • Assess and manage community priorities around development projects.
  • Facilitate partnership agreements between indigenous peoples and resource companies.
  • Implement ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems.
  • Perform EHSC (environment, health and safety, community) audits in various industries.
EEM also helps develop the broad community support necessary to operate today, applying our knowledge of global standards to:
  • Conduct ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessments).
  • Develop RAP (Resettlement Action Plans).
  • Develop biodiversity, conservation and management plans.
  • Conduct environmental and social due diligence reviews according to international standards.
Finally, we have the ESG insight and CSR outlook to:
  • Develop frameworks for CSR and sustainable development strategies.
  • Screen and report on ESG (environment, social, governance) factors.
  • Address business risks related to the low carbon economy.