EEM Newsletter – November 2012

Business drivers for sustainability
An effective business case for sustainable development is what separates the businesses that create business value from sustainability from those that don’t. Learn how to identify the business drivers for your organisation in the first video installment of the ÉEM Sustainable Management Framework.

GRI G4 to shake things up for businesses reporting on sustainability
In a recent Eco Canada blogpost Stephanie Hamilton, our VP on Sustainable Business, discusses what the next generation of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines might mean for corporate sustainability reporting.

Domtar asks EEM for external review of its 2011 Sustainable Growth report
EEM was asked to provide sustainability expert opinion on  Domtar’s 2011 Sustainable Growth Report, along with the World Wildlife Fund, Nalco and the Rainforest Alliance.  The views of our president, Paul MacLean, can be found on page 40 of the Domtar report.

EEM completes a stakeholder map for a greenfield mining project    
EEM consulted the local aboriginal population and regional stakeholders of a construction-phase northern mining project and, using our proprietary stakeholder mapping tool, prioritized community stakeholders in order to develop a three year community relations management plan for the site. To learn more, click here.

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