ISO14001 revisions upcoming

Important revisions to ISO 14001 are underway that modernize the standard and align it more closely with management practices for sustainable development.  ISO 14001:2015 will replace ISO 14001: 2004 and will be based on the new high-level structure for management system standards.   The new standard will incorporate requirements for:

– implementation of the EMS at a more strategic level rather than only at the operational level where it tends to be seen today;
– consideration of the interests of stakeholders and the business direction;
– incorporation of life-cycle thinking;
– active management of the supply chain or contractor services when linked to significant aspects;
– performance indicators for objectives;
– better understanding of compliance status on an on-going basis;

EEM is excited to see these changes as they will push the management of environmental issues closer to the decision-makers within businesses, giving the greatest chance for performance improvements.  Also, the new orientation is consistent with our work to create management systems for sustainable development.  We look forward to preparing our clients for this major change.

ISO14001 certificates in 2012

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