A new sustainability hub at McGill?

ÉEM was hired to facilitate a half-day workshop for the McGill community as they contemplate creating a new sustainability hub.

Approach and Solution

The project, called Net Positive, first heard from several key speakers: design professionals, architects, professors and staff with a wealth of experience in green buildings and sustainable communities. These talks were followed by a collaborative workshop to lay the groundwork for a potential new sustainability hub for McGill’s community.
EEM developed the detailed workshop plan with the project leaders with a first visioning exercise designed to identify the characteristics of the sustainability hub, a common understanding about the need for such a building and how it could contribute to McGill’s community. A second exercise on potential barriers and enablers focused on identifying key priorities and actions. Lastly, a provisional steering committee was formed.


The workshop was well attended by approximately 40 people from faculty, administration, students and support staff. The brainstorming and ensuing discussions were stimulating and allowed many different scenarios to be explored. The results will allow the newly formed steering committee to craft a vision and action plan for the project.

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