Investors are looking at ESG factors

Is there any evidence that investors are looking at Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors when considering their investment choices?  That is what a recent member survey created by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRC) suggests.

Key survey findings are summarized in ESG Issues in Investing: Investors Debunk the Myths ESG Issues. Notably, 63% of survey respondents consider ESG in the  decision-making process to help manage investment risks, 44% say that their clients or investors demand it and 38% agree that ESG performance is a proxy for management quality.

Is your corporate reporting ready for the scrutiny?  Are you looking for help shaping your supply chain with respect to ESG factors? EEM’s many years of working with environmental, social and governance issues can help you assess what is material to your organization.  Read more about our Sustainability Strategy services.

The survey can be consulted here:  CFA Institute ESG Survey.

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