Positioned for the future – CPEQ guides for business on addressing sustainability

EEM is delighted to have contributed to the update of two new guides from the CPEQ on how business can address sustainability. The first is for SMEs while the second is aimed at larger entreprise.

les-5-etapes-dune-demarche-ddThe large entreprise version of the guide presents a 5 step approach :

  • Engagement: capturing the drivers and making a business case
  • Performance-to-date evaluation: understanding context to inform action-planning
  • Stakeholder engagement: mobilising collaboration
  • Implementation: Taking action with a prioritized approach
  • Reporting: Measure, assess and communicate performance

(EEM’s translation)


Both guides suggest specific actions that can be undertaken by the different functions/departments of an organisation (ex: accounting and finance, real-estate management, research and development, etc.).  As stated in the guide:

While it is important to consider what can be achieved in each and every function of an organization, a sustainability implementation plan starts by identifying the sustainability issues that are most material, where significant and achievable action can be taken by the business.  It is therefore possible to start in any department and then come back to a more holistic approach (EEM’s translation)



cover-page-cpeq-guide-dd-pmeThe guides have been published as interactive PDF documents.  They can be read in the order proposed, or the reader can stop to explore an idea further by looking into the embedded complementary information (definitions, in-depth briefings, case studies, etc).

Stephanie Hamilton, EEM’s service lead on CSR and sustainable development, has been an active participant on the sub-committee for the revision of the guide since the start of the collaboration.  EEM also contributed financially to the graphic design of the guide for larger entreprise.

The two guides are now available for free download from the CPEQ website (in French).  For optimal viewing, open the downloaded copy with Acrobat reader.

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