Relaunch of EcoPerformance and TechnoClimat Funds

On October 21 2015, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources relaunched the EcoPerformance and TechnoClimat Funds. New requests for the financial aid can now be submitted for projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Quebec by improving the energy efficiency of buildings or processes, by reducing fugitive process emissions (e.g. methane leaks) or, by developing a new technology.

logo_ecoperformance aims to reduce GHG emissions by supporting projects or new methods that diminish the use or production of fossil fuels.  The program offers substantial financial support going up to 75% of the project costs, depending on the project category, to help small and large energy.  Funds can be for:

– Studies for the identification and quantification of potential fossil fuel savings and GHG emission reductions as well as their costing;

– Implementation of an energy management system including a policy for a more efficient use of energy and the designation of a person responsible for energy management. It is understood that the ISO 5001 standard would be considered positively here;

– Implementation of energy efficiency or energy recovery projects that will result in a GHG emission reduction or the conversion to energy sources that emit less GHG.

Funds are designated to projects that would not go ahead without the financial assistance, but for which the return on investment period is estimated at less than 10 years for large energy consumers, and less than 20 years for small and medium, commercial and institutional energy consumers.

For the 2013-2020 period, a budget of $350 million has been announced with the goal of eliminating 1 474 700 tonnes of GHG, which is comparable to taking 435 000 vehicles off the road.

logo_technoclimat_05  is open to all Quebec businesses looking to develop, adapt, use or commercialise a new technology or innovative process that results in an energy efficiency, an alternative energy source or a GHG emission reduction. The program funds can be applied to research and development, demonstration , measurement, or the pre-commercialization of any innovative technology that has strong market potential to reduce GHG emissions. Projects that receive funds will need to be scalable and deployed by  industry.

The program has a budget of $55 million for the 2013-2020 period. Amounts are awarded to different activities and can be combined to a maximum of $5 million.

Consulting services related to projects are also eligible for funding. EEM can provide assistance for project framing and applications.  Consulting fees related to the implementation of management systems are also admissible where the management system addresses energy and GHG reductions.

Les services de consultation liés aux projets proposés ci-dessus sont aussi admissibles au financement.  ÉEM propose des services d’encadrement et de préparation de dossiers.   Les frais de consultation liés à l’implantation de systèmes de gestion sont aussi admissibles lorsque le système adresse l’énergie et la réduction d’émissions de GES.

Further relevant reading: EEM Issue Brief: Transition to the Low Carbon Economy.

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