Community baseline assessment development


EEM developed a socio-economic baseline for two communities impacted by the operations of a major Canadian mining company in order to assess and measure issues of community concern.

Approach and Solution

EEM completed community socio-economic baseline assessments for two northern Canadian communities as a frame of reference against which to observe community impacts resulting from the $US 800 Million planned expansion of a mining operation. Data sources included national census, provincial and municipal records, as well as data from local community-based organisations specifically aimed at assessing and measuring priority issues and impacts of community concern. Subject areas ranged from economic development, housing, procurement, healthcare and social services, and education, among others. EEM is responsible for ongoing updating of this baseline and develops annual monitoring reports.


This baseline assessment provided the mining company and the community with an invaluable tool in quantifying community impacts that were previously understood largely on an anecdotal level.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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