Community impact analysis of a new mining project


EEM worked with a recently opened mine in order to assess its reputation and quantify its socio-economic impacts on communities in the region.

Approach and Solution

EEM conducted a socio-economic assessment covering the mine’s impacts on the community. The study included an assessment of impacts on community and regional infrastructure, services, quality of life and the local economy. This study was complemented by a community survey sent out to all the households in the region allowing for a statistically accurate portrayal of community perceptions of the mine’s impacts. Comparing community perception feedback and socio-economic data, EEM identified key impacts and provided prioritised recommendations for community engagement and investment.


The study provided the company a concrete indicator of community impacts needs allowing it to set priorities for community engagement and investment. The survey also allowed the company to assess its reputation in the community and identify potential risk factors that could pose challenges to operations including recruitment and retention, and future mine expansion.

Case studies

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