Brokering partnerships for biodiversity protection


EEM facilitated the development of collaborative partnerships for regional biodiversity protection between researchers, government, NGO’s and businesses in the Montérégie region south of Montreal.

Approach and Solution

Alongside a research team at a Montreal University, EEM worked to identify organisations with a stake in biodiversity protection in the region of La Montérégie south of Montreal. EEM then designed and facilitated a 1-day workshop with these organisations aimed at identifying linkages between the biodiversity conservation priorities and activities of each organisation in order to scope opportunities for collaboration. Organisations involved included municipal and provincial government agencies, research organisations, non-governmental organisations and businesses.


The workshop built relationships between organisations with a stake in regional biodiversity protection while developing a complete inventory of ongoing initiatives to study and protect regional biodiversity. The session also identified opportunities for future collaboration including project funding, information and data sharing, joint lobbying and combining efforts to raise the importance of biodiversity protection in the region.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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