Community Relations Management System Action Plan


EEM worked with a northern mining operation to develop a long-term action plan for community relations management.

Approach and Solution

Using a proprietary gap assessment and action planning tool, EEM conducted a gap assessment comparing current community relations practices and performances at the mine with requirements, legislation applicable to the site as well as mining-sector best practices and the needs of the community. Key Performance Areas (KPA) were defined as an initial step. Site practices and performance were assessed as secondary steps along with the identification of performance gaps. EEM then identified strategies as well as procedures, tools and performance measurement approaches aimed at addressing performance gaps. Gaps were then scored based on the effort required to fill the gap and the importance of the KPA to overall community relations performance. This work served as the basis for the development of a community relations action plan over three years. This plan provided the site with the tools and a concrete implementation plan to improve their performance in areas such as stakeholder identification, community engagement and documentation, community investment and management review.


The community relations action plan provided a roadmap to developing an effective and consistent approach to building strong long-term relationships with the site’s stakeholders, based on leading practice but also customised to the needs of the site and its stakeholders.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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