Development of an online cross-sector partnering toolkit


Leveraging leading tools and methodologies, EEM developed an online resource for partnership practitioners aimed at building capacity around best practice in cross-sector partnering.

Approach and Solution

After having collaboratively defined a vision for the toolkit, and using the client’s established partnering process as a basis, EEM reviewed the organizations existing tools and guidance, identified gaps, and researched current international best practice in order to develop a comprehensive guidance resource. Relevance to the organization’s partnering challenges was of utmost importance so as to ensure that it would be utilized by practitioners in the field. Also critical was the strengthening of guidance and additional of practical tools related to the ‘relationship’ dimension of partnering, which was less developed than the ‘project’ dimension.


The project produced an online, dynamic partnering toolkit that provides the organization with a common partnering approach and language and frontline practitioners with an orientation of the organization’s partnering process and additional capacity building on relationship development and management.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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