Embedding sustainability in engineering projects


Working for a leading Canadian project-engineering firm EEM facilitated the creation of an action plan for embedding sustainability in EPCM projects.

Approach and Solution

As part of a long-term support of a leading Canadian project-engineering firm, EEM developed the terms of reference for a taskforce comprised of director and vice-president level representatives of 9 business units focused on enhancing the sustainability of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM) projects undertaken by the firm. EEM has subsequently facilitated meetings of this taskforce including a 2-day action-planning workshop in which the taskforce’s mandate was translated into a focused implementation roadmap.


Through its role of facilitator, EEM helped the taskforce understand critical business drivers for sustainability in its key sectors and establish a consensus on 6 key focus areas with associated actions, responsibilities and timelines. Implementation of this action plan is helping our client develop a consistent approach to sustainable development across 9 business units globally and is helping them position themselves as a project engineer of choice with their clients.

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