Reputational due diligence assessment of mining projects


EEM was hired by a not-for-profit organization working internationally to combat poverty and exclusion, to create a due diligence assessment framework of potential mining projects to assist them in determining whether to partner with mining-sector companies.

Approach and Solution

With EEM’s history of working with mining companies, we were able to develop a tool aimed at performing a rapid yet comprehensive assessment of social and environmental risks related to mining sector projects.

The tool provides a screening assessment of a number of impact categories and associates an importance weighting to the criteria to quickly highlight concerns of significance and identify areas of potential risks and opportunities for improvement.


EEM trained the organisation to use the tool to conduct due-diligence in relation to a large-scale mining project in Africa, identifying key performance gaps as well as social and environmental risks associated with the mining operation.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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