Management of compliance obligations

Greenhouse gas emissions accounting

Technical and strategic expertise with a key benchmark

Increasingly scrutinized by financial markets, customers and government regulators, greenhouse gas  (GHG) emissions have become a key benchmark for environmental performance.  And GHG emissions now represent a significant cost to business as new laws and regulations come into effect.

EEM helps clients quantify GHG emissions, develop reduction strategies, and realize financial benefits from direct savings or through the shaping of carbon offset projects.

Our practice provides:

  • Technical understanding of GHG measurement protocols (e.g. WRI GHG Protocol).
  • Experience in government and corporate reporting on GHG emissions.
  • Trained staff for compiling corporate inventories (ISO 14061-1) and project quantification (ISO 14064-2).
  • As experts and experienced auditors, we are also able to join accredited audit teams for verification projects.

Typical client priorities:

  • Company-wide inventory of GHG emissions with precise definitions of scopes and boundaries.
  • Overview of the GHG emissions related to a product value chain or a business activity.
  • Preparation of a carbon disclosure report for CDP, including the discussion on carbon risk and opportunities.
  • Communication material for sustainability reporting (e.g. GRI, SASB, IRRC).
  • Preparation, quantification or validation of planned reductions for sale as carbon credits on the regulated or voluntary markets.
  • Helping investors quantify the carbon related risk of their portfolios.

Learn more on strategic planning around carbon risks and opportunities in the presentation of our Special Advisory on Climate Change and the Low-Carbon Economy.

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