Greenhouse gas emissions management for a multi-national printing company


Since 2006, EEM has worked with a multi-national printing company to compile GHG emissions, report to the Carbon Disclosure Project and strengthen the collection and compilation of emissions data.

Approach and Solution

EEM first surveyed the organization’s operations and likely sources of emissions. Having compiled direct emissions it was decided to widen the scope of the project and include certain indirect emissions (commuting, business travel, paper transportation). With this information, the company was then able to identify and implement carbon reduction projects including a number of energy efficiency measures and employee carpooling. In 2009, EEM and a partner organisation developed and implemented a database for the collection, compilation and analysis of emissions related data.


The inventory process helped identify major emission sources and potential initiatives to reduce emissions. The inventory also helped identify risks of cost increases in the supply chain related to upcoming GHG regulations. Finally, the project simplified the data collection, compilation and reporting process and enhanced transparency related carbon emissions.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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