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Simon Pelletier

EEM Associate, Lawyer

Simon Pelletier is a lawyer and a consultant in sustainable development and community relations. His experience in mining and stakeholder engagement contributes to his work on a wide variety of EEM mandates:

  • Community relations and partnership building.
  • Innovation for sustainable development.
  • Legal frameworks and requirements.

Simon’s expertise helps EEM clients understand the regulatory framework related to environmental protection as well as community and aboriginal consultation. He has participated in a socioeconomic impact assessment of a mining project in the James Bay region of Quebec and has provided environmental and social impact assessment reviews and training for a number of Cree communities.

Simon was pivotal in the creation of a strategic plan for tourism development for a community in Northern Ontario. He has worked extensively with EEM’s industrial and mining clients to measure social performance and plan strategies to effectively manage community relations.

Simon has a multidisciplinary background in politics, law and environment. He is a mediator and has been a member of the Québec Bar since 2008. He also holds a Master of Environmental Management (MEnv) from the University of Sherbrooke. He is bilingual (French and English), and competent in Spanish through his past volunteer work in Peru.