EHS risks analysis for turbine manufacturer


ÉEM was asked by a major turbine manufacturer to assess environment, health and safety (EHS) risks of equipments and procedures in various facilities. Identification cards on risks and appropriate procedures were later created for the employees.

Approach and Solution

In the first place, all equipments and processes were listed, quantified and located. Site visits were carried out in partnership with concerned staff to assess detailed EHS risks for each equipment/process in a specific way. Furthermore, were also used all the available information coming from previous analysis ( machine guarding evaluation, noise study, industrial hygiene assessment…). That procedure was carried out on a three-year period. Moreover, to enable ongoing updates of assessements, all the events that took place during the year (incidents per say) and all new assessments effectuated are taken into account and integrated to risk assessments.

All evaluations are compiled in a file. For every significant risk, prior to applying a control, posters were made. In terms of information, they included: significant risks, control measures and a photograph representing the equipment/the process.


The identification of environment, health and safety risks for all equipments and processes was done in a consistent and systematic way. Moreover, posters were created to rapidly convey to employees information related to control measures.

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