Environmental, health, and safety compliance audits for a railway company


EEM conducted an environment and health and safety compliance audit of railway worker camps on a 360 km section of a rail line stretching through two provinces.

Approach and Solution

The mandate involved verifying compliance to environmental and health and safety regulatory requirements through application of the principles outlined in the CSA Z773-03 Environmental Compliance Auditing standard at three (3) railway worker camps. Given that there is currently no standard for health and safety compliance auditing, the Z773-03 standard was used for guidance. The compliance audit report also included recommendations to address issues raised.


The verification allowed for the identification of actual and potential non-compliance issues. The provision of recommendations allowed for corrective actions to be taken in a timelier manner. On-site inspections created an opportunity for discussion with on-site personnel and, in certain instances, the provision of awareness training for concerned personnel.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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