Environmental management system internal audits of an electronic products recycler


From 2011 to 2015, EEM was hired annually to perform internal audits of the ISO 14001 environmental management system of an electronic products recycler. The internal audit portion of Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), developed by Electronic Products Stewardship Canada, was also added in 2015.

Approach and Solution

To fulfill this mandate, EEM provided an auditor to conduct the internal audits required by ISO 14001 and by the ERS, in conformance with the ISO 19011 auditing standard. Over the years, EEM’s evolving knowledge of the client’s approach, processes and systems has allowed for comprehensive audits of different parts of the system and a wide range of activities.


The organization benefitted from the independent opinion of the external auditor with respect to its environmental management performance, allowing it to be fully prepared for its registrar’s audit.

Case studies

Environment, health and safety legal compliance audit for an e-waste recycling firm

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