Legal requirements register and legal tracking for a pharmaceutical company


A pharmaceutical products manufacturer recently mandated EEM to create a register of legal requirements with respect to the environment and workplace health and safety.

Approach and Solution

To complete this mandate, EEM identified the activities conducted by the company at its site located on the South Shore of Montreal. The relevant environment, health and safety (EHS) legislation was reviewed to determine applicable legal requirements related these activities.  The applicable legislative requirements were then documented in a register. Post-creation of the register, legal tracking is conducted on a quarterly basis to identify the relevant changes applicable to the firm’s operations and to ensure proactive management of its compliance to the EHS legal requirements.


The resulting register of regulatory requirements in environment, health and safety for the client’s activities is kept up to date through quarterly tracking of legislative changes. The register was designed so that it could also be used as a compliance audit checklist tailored to the client’s operations.

Case studies

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