Integrated HSEQ management system, HSE performance and legal compliance audits at a mine, railway, port and metallurgical complex


ÉEM was retained to (1) lead the annual internal conformance audit of the health, safety, environmental and quality management system;  (2) coordinate the work of a team of five internal auditors from the client personnel (mandated to audit conformance to HSE corporate performance standards); (3) conduct an HSE legal compliance audit using federal, municipal and Quebec legislation as audit criteria. These audits covered an open-pit mine and a metallurgical complex at two separate locations in Quebec.

Approach and Solution

EEM provided certified management system auditors to conduct the management system portion and a Certified Environmental Auditor to conduct the legal compliance portion.  This integrated audit approach was applied at both the open-pit mine, railway and port facilities and the metallurgical complex.


Combining the management system and compliance audits, and providing an audit management service by trained and competent professionals enabled the client to undertake a complex audit and generate important results in just a few days.  The audit also minimized disturbance of the business and its personnel. The success of the formula led to it being repeated for six successive years.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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