EHSC due diligence assessments


EEM is accompanying clients with growing operations in Canada and the U.S. in their transactional due diligence process to ensure that major EHS or community-related liabilities are identified.

Approach and Solution

Using best practices and where necessary, retaining the services of partners, we have joined client due diligence teams looking at asset acquisitions in the printing and publishing, and mining sectors. Our analyses have included project status reviews, property history and site quality, impending and current regulatory requirements, the capacity of existing pollution control equipment to meet regulatory limits, and other criteria, all key to the financial evaluation of a transaction.


By informing the client’s due diligence teams of potential major EHS or community-related liabilities, and by providing financial estimates for mitigation, often within tight timelines inherent in the acquisition process, we have facilitated dozens of acquisitions.

Case studies

Review of existing legal registers

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