Audits and due diligence

Assurance of non-financial disclosures

Broad knowledge of sustainability reporting standards, guidelines and auditing

As corporate annual reports contain more non-financial information and stakeholders request increased disclosure on management’s approach to sustainability issues, the quality of this information bears closer scrutiny by a wider audience.

Against this backdrop, EEM helps you on two fronts:

  • Deciding which information is material.
  • Auditing your internal processes to make sure quality standards are being met.

We have experience working for various registrars and certification bodies.  In addition, many of our team members hold relevant professional certifications. EEM is also an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider.

Our practice provides:

  • Experienced auditing personnel.
  • Knowledge of sustainability reporting standards and guidelines.
  • Insight on material aspects for different industries.

Typical client priorities:

  • Internal auditing of sustainability topics including greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Joining external auditing teams where specialized knowledge is required.
Case studies