Audits and due diligence

EHS compliance audits

Comprehensive auditing services for environmental, health and safety requirements

EEM helps organizations monitor their operations in compliance with applicable EHS requirements (e.g. regulatory, performance standards, corporate). Clients benefit from the expertise of our certified and experienced auditors, with the skills to plan, conduct and supervise audits, in both English and French.

In addition to planning, conducting and supervising audits, we help organizations to develop audit programs and plans, and to develop audit protocols. We also offer training services on audit techniques.

Our offer

EEM offers the following EHS compliance audit services:

  • Regulatory audits
    • Planning, conducting and supervising audits based on CSA Z773-03 and ASTM E2107 methodologies, and other methodologies (e.g. APM, MPO, ETC).
  • System audits
    • Planning, conducting and supervising audits of the following using ISO 19011 methodology:
      • ISO 9001 for quality.
      • ISO 14001 for the environment.
      • ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001) for health and safety.
      • Specific corporate EHSC management systems.
  • Verification and due diligence
    • Conducting verifications according to the requirements of the following programs:
      • Towards Sustainable Mining of the Mining Association of Canada.
      • Electronics recycling standards of the Electronics Products Recycling Association of Canada.
      • Green Marine.
      • R2.
    • Conducting due diligence for acquisitions, divestitures or asset transfers.
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