Environment, health, safety and community management systems

EHSC management systems

Compliance with regulatory requirements, ISO standards, and more

EEM helps organizations design, implement and maintain EHSC (environment, health and safety, and community relations) management systems in alignment with overall business objectives and in compliance with applicable requirements (e.g. regulatory, performance standards, corporate).

By prioritizing risks and opportunities we also help you integrate EHSC considerations into your decision-making process, and take into account the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our work is based on the most commonly used international standards:

  • ISO 14001 for the environment.
  • ISO45001 for health and safety.
  • ISO9001 for quality.
  • ISO26000 for social responsibility.
  • ISO31000 for risk management.

Our offer

EEM offers the following EHSC management systems services:

  • Gap analysis
    • Gap analysis between current practices and international or corporate standards.
    • Benchmarking against best practices.
  • Planning, development and implementation
    • Develop an action plan to facilitate system implementation, including stakeholder criteria.
    • Adapting EHSC management systems to the needs of organizations and their culture.
    • Integration of EHSC systems with other company systems.
    • Support services, ranging from external coaching to outsourcing personnel.
    • Preparing clients to meet the expectations of certifying bodies.
  • Training
    • Assessment of training needs of employees and subcontractors.
    • Assessments of training needs related to the organization’s compliance obligations.
    • Development of training programs according to the organization’s EHSC management system requirements.
    • Development of training content.
    • Provision of training, including the issuance of evidence/proof (degrees).
    • Training of internal auditors.
  • Maintenance
Case studies